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NASA Group 9 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) - January, 1980
Written and Edited by

NASA Group 9

Bagian, James P. (Civilian)

Blaha, John E. (Air Force)

Bolden, Charles F., Jr. (Marine Corps)

Bridges, Roy D., Jr. (Air Force)

Chang-Diaz, Franklin R. (Civilian)

Cleave, Mary L. (Civilian)

Dunbar, Bonnie J. (Civilian)

Fisher, William F. (Civilian)

Gardner, Guy S. (Air Force)

Grabe, Ronald J. (Air Force)

Hilmers, David C. (Marine Corps)

Leetsma, David C. (Navy)

Lounge, John M. (Civilian)

O'Connor, Bryan D. (Marine Corps)

Richards, Richard N. (Navy)

Ross, Jerry L. (Air Force)

Smith, Michael J. (Navy)

Spring, Sherwood C. (Army)

Springer, Robert C. (Marine Corps)

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