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Appendix: Space Shuttle Astronauts Not Drafted By NASA
Updated Through STS-89

Written and Edited by

The following list includes astronauts who have participated in Space Shuttle missions but whose names are not included in any official NASA Space Shuttle astronaut selection drafts:

Acton, Loren W. (Payload Specialist, STS-51F)

Al-Saud, Sultan Salman (Payload Specialist, STS-51G)

Bartoe, John-David F. (Payload Specialist, STS-51F)

Baudry, Patrick (Payload Specialist, STS-51G)

Bondar, Roberta L. (Payload Specialist, STS-42)

Buckey, Jay C. (Payload Specialist, STS-90)

Budarin, Nikolai M. (Embarking to Mir, STS-71)

Cenker, Robert J. (Payload Specialist, STS-61C)

Cheli, Maurizio (Mission Specialist, STS-75)

Chretien, Jean-Loup J.M. (Mission Specialist, STS-86)

Clervoy, Jean-Francois (Mission Specialist, STS-66, 84)

Crouch, Roger K. (Payload Specialist, STS-83, 94)

DeLucas, Lawrence J. (Payload Specialist, STS-50)

Dezhurov, Vladimir N. (Returning from Mir, STS-71)

Doi, Takao (Mission Specialist, STS-87)

Durrance, Samuel T. (Payload Specialist, STS-35, 67)

Favier, Jean-Jacques (Payload Specialist, STS-78)

Fettman, Martin J. (Payload Specialist, STS-58)

Frimout, Dirk D. (Payload Specialist, STS-45)

Furrer, Reinhard (Payload Specialist, STS-61A)

Gaffney, F. Drew (Payload Specialist, STS-40)

Garn, E.J. (Payload Specialist, STS-51D)

Garneau, Marc (Payload Specialist, STS-41G, 77)

Guidoni, Umberto (Payload Specialist, STS-75)

Hadfield, Chris A. (Mission Specialist, STS-74)

Hennen, Thomas J. (Payload Specialist, STS-44)

Hughes-Fulford, Millie (Payload Specialist, STS-40)

Jarvis, Gregory B. (Payload Specialist, STS-51L)

Kadenyuk, Leonid K. (Payload Specialist, STS-87)

Kondakova, Elena V. (Mission Specialist, STS-84)

Krikalev, Sergei K. (Mission Specialist, STS-60)

Leslie, Fred W. (Payload Specialist, STS-73)

Lichtenberg, Byron K. (Payload Specialist, STS-45)

Linteris, Gregory T. (Payload Specialist, STS-83, 94)

MacLean, Steven A. (Payload Specialist, STS-52)

Malerba, Franco (Payload Specialist, STS-46)

McAuliffe, Sharon Christa (Teacher in Space, STS-51L)

Merbold, Ulf (Payload Specialist, STS-9, 42)

Messerschmid, Ernst (Payload Specialist, STS-61A)

Mohri, Mamoru C. (Payload Specialist, STS-47)

Naito-Mukai, Chiaki (Payload Specialist, STS-65)

Nelson, Bill (Payload Specialist, STS-61C)

Nicollier, Claude (Mission Specialist, STS-46, 61, 75)

Ockels, Wubbo J. (Payload Specialist, STS-61A)

Pailes, William A. (Payload Specialist, STS-51J)

Parise, Ronald A. (Payload Specialist, STS-35, 67)

Pawelczyk, James A. (Payload Specialist, STS-90)

Payton, Gary E. (Payload Specialist, STS-51C)

Ryumin, Valery V. (Mission Specialist, STS-91)

Sacco, Albert, Jr. (Payload Specialist, STS-73)

Schlegel, Hans William (Payload Specialist, STS-55)

Scully-Power, Paul D. (Payload Specialist, STS-41G)

Sharipov, Salizhan S. (Mission Specialist, STS-89)

Solovyev, Anatoly Y. (Embarking to Mir, STS-71)

Strekalov, Gennady M. (Returning from Mir, STS-71)

Thirsk, Robert Brent (Payload Specialist, STS-78)

Titov, Vladimir G. (Mission Specialist, STS-63, 86)

Trinh, Eugene H. (Payload Specialist, STS-50)

Tryggvason, Bjarni V. (Payload Specialist, STS-85)

van den Berg, Lodewijk (Payload Specialist, STS-51B)

Vela, Rodolpho Neri (Payload Specialist, STS-61B)

Wakata, Kiochi (Mission Specialist, STS-72)

Walker, Charles D. (Mission Specialist, STS-41D, 51D, 61B)

Walter, Ulrich (Payload Specialist, STS-55)

Wang, Taylor G. (Payload Specialist, STS-51B)


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