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Hot off of the Spaceline teletype!

Teletype Model 40
as used in downrange
tracking stations.

Historical Note: In the days before e-mail and the Internet and before dial up connections to bulletin board systems (BBS) or online service providers like CompuServe, GEnie, and AOL, the US Government and US Military used two communications protocols to convey information between interested parties. They are the AUTOmatic VOice Network (AUTOVON) for voice calls, and the AUTOmatic DIgital Network (AUTODIN) for typewritten messages.

The AUTODIN messages were formatted in accordance with Joint Army / Navy Publication 128 (JANAP 128) which identified the message originator, recipients, date and time, classification, prioritization, and content. Messages were sent between subscriber stations using TeleType Corp. equipment (pictured left), similar to a land-line phone number allowing house-to-house calls; not like today's email or mobile phone numbers which allow person-to-person calls. The subscribers included tracking stations, communication stations, command and control stations, data processing and data reduction stations, other Government and Military installations, and even educational facilities.

Our Spaceline teletype style message is laid out as close as possible to the JANAP 128 format, with only minor variations as Spaceline is not part of the AUTODIN. However, the message format and content layout is identical to messages received between CCAFS Range Scheduling and downrange tracking sites in the late ‘70’s through the early ‘90’s.


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