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Written and Edited by Cliff Lethbridge


Configuration: Single Blockhouse, One Launch Pad




Current Status: Inactive


First Launch: August 2, 1958


Final Launch: April 6, 1978


Number of Launches: 51


Vehicles Launched: Atlas B, Atlas D, Atlas E, Atlas F, Atlas-Agena D


Launch Complex 13 was one of four launch complexes built in support of Atlas missile testing. The facility was modified to act as a launch site for the Atlas-Agena D, used primarily for the launching of military satellites. Launch Complex 13 was the longest used of the original Atlas missile test facilities. Following the retirement of Launch Complex 13 in 1978, much of the launch pad hardware, including the service tower and its support hardware, remained intact. These facilities were ultimately destroyed as rust decay became a hazard. Launch Complex 13 is currently abandoned.





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