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Written and Edited by Cliff Lethbridge


Configuration: Single Blockhouse, One Launch Pad




Current Status: Inactive


First Launch: June 11, 1957


Final Launch: November 11, 1966


Number of Launches: 32


Vehicles Launched: Atlas A, Atlas B, Atlas D, Atlas-Able, Atlas-Agena A, Mercury-Atlas, Atlas-Agena D


Launch Complex 14 was one of four launch complexes built in support of Atlas missile testing. It was modified to support the launching of Atlas-based space launch vehicles. It was the launch site of astronaut John Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth. After the close of the NASA Mercury Program, Launch Complex 14 was used in support of the NASA Gemini Program, as the launch site of the Gemini Target Vehicles employed during manned Gemini missions. Although the Launch Complex 14 service tower was destroyed, the concrete ramp and launch pedestal remain intact. The launch pad acted as a storage site for toxic hydrazine fuel for many years, and was totally off limits. Once the hydrazine fuel facility was removed, the launch hardware was made accessible. A permanent Mercury memorial was placed at the bottom end of the concrete ramp near the launch pad. The Launch Complex 14 blockhouse was renovated and currently acts as a conference center.







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