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Length: 122 feet, 2 inches

Height: 56 feet, 8 inches

Diameter: 22 feet, 8 inches

Wingspan: 78 feet, 1 inch

Space Shuttle Orbiters are manufactured by the Rockwell International Space Transportation Systems Division, based in Downey, California. Rockwell also maintains responsibility for overall integration and upgrades of Space Shuttle components, which are manufactured by a plethora of different contractors.

Although a series of modifications and improvements have been made to the Space Shuttle Orbiter fleet over the years, the vehicle has changed remarkably little since the first Space Shuttle was launched on April 12, 1981.

However, certain Orbiters have received modifications in support of specific mission applications, such as the addition of docking modules and adapters to support dockings with the Russian Mir Space Station and the International Space Station.

Other Orbiters have been modified to allow for extended duration scientific missions of up to 16 days. Therefore, the following is intended to provide a basic account of elements more or less common to the entire Space Shuttle Orbiter fleet.

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