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Download the 2017 Mercury/Gemini/Apollo Manned Missions Calendar

Manned Apollo Missions:


(Coming Soon) Apollo 1: Grissom, White, Chaffee (Coming Soon)
Astronauts Perished In Launch Pad Fire


Apollo 7: Schirra, Eisele, Cunningham
First Manned Apollo Mission

Apollo 8: Borman, Lovell, Anders
First Manned Flight To Moon


Apollo 9: McDivitt, Scott, Schweickart
First Manned Flight Of Lunar Module

Apollo 10: Stafford, Young, Cernan
Second Manned Flight To Moon

Apollo 11: Armstrong, Collins, Aldrin
First Manned Landing On Moon

Apollo 12: Conrad, Gordon, Bean
Second Manned Landing On Moon


Apollo 13: Lovell, Swigert, Haise
Mission Aborted Prior To Landing On Moon


Apollo 14: Shepard, Roosa, Mitchell
Third Manned Landing On Moon

Apollo 15: Scott, Worden, Irwin
Fourth Manned Landing On Moon


Apollo 16: Young, Mattingly, Duke
Fifth Manned Landing On Moon

Apollo 17: Cernan, Evans, Schmitt
Sixth and Last Manned Landing On Moon

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