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U.S. Astronaut Selection Drafts Index

Mercury 7 astronauts

NASA Group 1 (Mercury Astronauts) April, 1959

NASA Fellow Lady Astronaut Trainees (FLAT) 1960

NASA Group 2 (Pilot Astronauts) September, 1962

USAF X-20 "Dyna-Soar" Program (Pilot Astronauts) September, 1962

NASA Group 3 (Pilot Astronauts) October, 1963

NASA Group 4 (Scientist Astronauts) June, 1965

USAF MOL Group 1 (Pilot Astronauts) November, 1965

NASA Group 5 (Pilot Astronauts) April, 1966

USAF MOL Group 2 (Pilot Astronauts) June, 1966

USAF MOL Group 3 (Pilot Astronauts) June, 1967

NASA Group 6 (Scientist Astronauts) August, 1967

NASA Group 7 (MOL Pilot Astronaut Transfers) August, 1969

NASA Group 8 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) January, 1978

NASA Group 9 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) January, 1980

NASA Group 10 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) May, 1984

NASA Group 11 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) June, 1985

NASA Group 12 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) August, 1987

NASA Group 13 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) January, 1990

NASA Group 14 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) March, 1992

NASA Group 15 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) January, 1995

NASA Group 16 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) April, 1996

NASA Group 17 (Pilots and Mission Specialists) June, 1998

Appendix: Space Shuttle Astronauts Not Drafted By NASA

Appendix: The X-15 Astronauts

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