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NASA Group 3 (Pilot Astronauts) - October, 1963
Written and Edited by

NASA Group 3

Aldrin, Buzz (Air Force)

Anders, William A. (Air Force)

Bassett, Charles A., II (Air Force)

Bean, Alan L. (Navy)

Cernan, Eugene A. (Navy)

Chaffee, Roger B. (Navy)

Collins, Michael L. (Air Force)

Cunningham, Walter (Marine Corps)

Eisele, Donn F. (Air Force)

Freeman, Theodore C. (Air Force)

Gordon, Richard F., Jr. (Navy)

Schweickart, Russell L. (Civilian)

Scott, David R. (Air Force)

Williams, Clifton C., Jr. (Marine Corps)

NASA Group 3 Background

With the two-astronaut Gemini program well under development, NASA prepared for the even more ambitious three-astronaut Apollo program, designed to carry astronauts to the Moon and back. This required even more astronauts, so a third request for astronaut candidates was issued.

Requirements for these astronaut candidates were identical to those selected in NASA Group 2. A total of about 400 astronaut candidates applied during the third draft, of which 14 were selected.


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