Cape Canaveral Launch Sites Box Score

Updated After Every Launch

Launch SiteFirst LaunchLast LaunchNumber of LaunchesVehicle Type(s) Launched

Numbered Launch Pads

Launch Pad 106/20/5702/12/604*Snark
Launch Pad 202/18/5412/05/6021*Snark
Launch Pad 307/24/5007/24/00102*Bumper-WAC, Lark, Bomarc A, X-17, Polaris FTV, Bumper Scale Model
Launch Pad 409/10/5204/15/6024*Bomarc A, Redstone, Matador, Bomarc B
Launch Pad 4A09/03/5801/27/593*Bomarc A
Launch Pad 507/19/5607/21/6124Jupiter A, Jupiter C, Jupiter, Juno I, Redstone, Juno II, Mercury-Redstone
Launch Pad 604/20/5506/26/6142Redstone, Jupiter A, Jupiter C, Jupiter
Launch Pad 911/06/5611/18/5811Navaho XSM-64
Launch Pad 1008/14/5804/27/599Jason, Alpha Draco
Launch Pad 1107/19/5804/01/6433Atlas B, Atlas-Score, Atlas D, Atlas E, Atlas F
Launch Pad 1201/10/5811/05/6737Atlas A, Atlas C, Atlas D, Atlas-Able, Atlas-Agena B, Atlas-Antares, Atlas-Agena D
Launch Pad 1308/02/5804/06/7851Atlas B, Atlas D, Atlas E, Atlas F, Atlas-Agena D
Launch Pad 1406/11/5711/11/6632Atlas A, Atlas B, Atlas D, Atlas-Able, Atlas-Agena A, Mercury-Atlas, Atlas-Agena D
Launch Pad 1502/06/5904/09/6426Titan I, Titan II
Launch Pad 16 (Titan)12/12/5905/29/6313Titan I, Titan II
Launch Pad 16 (Pershing)02/21/7303/21/88149Pershing IA, Pershing II
Launch Pad 17A08/30/5708/17/09164Thor, Thor-Able 0, Thor-Able I, Thor-Able II, Thor-Able III, Thor-Able IV, Delta, Thor-Able Star, Delta B, Delta D, Delta C, Delta E, Delta G, Delta M, Delta N, Delta L, Delta M6, Delta 2000, Delta 3000, Delta II 6000, Delta II 7000
Launch Pad 17B01/25/5709/10/11162Thor, Thor-Able Star, Delta, Delta A, Delta B, Delta C, Delta E, Delta G, Delta N, Delta 1000, Delta 2000, Delta 3000, Delta 4000, Delta II 6000, Delta II 7000, Delta III 8000
Launch Pad 18A12/08/5606/09/6524Vanguard, Blue Scout Junior
Launch Pad 18B06/04/5804/12/6223Thor, Blue Scout I, Blue Scout II, Mercury-Scout
Launch Pad 1908/14/5911/11/6627Titan I, Gemini-Titan II
Launch Pad 20 (Titan)07/01/6005/06/6520Titan I, Titan III-A
Launch Pad 20 (Suborbital)12/18/9005/28/936Starbird, Prospector, Aries I
Launch Pad 2107/24/5807/17/6341Bull Goose, Mace
Launch Pad 2203/13/5706/24/6023Bull Goose, Mace
Launch Pad 25A04/18/5803/05/6560Polaris FTV, Polaris A1, Polaris A2, Polaris A3
Launch Pad 25B08/14/5908/02/608Polaris A1
Launch Pad 25C08/16/6801/23/7934Poseidon, Trident I
Launch Pad 25D09/17/6909/17/691Poseidon
Launch Pad 26A08/28/5701/22/6314Jupiter, Juno I, Redstone
Launch Pad 26B10/22/5705/24/6122Jupiter, Juno II
Launch Pad 2909/21/5905/19/8058Polaris A1, Polaris A2, Polaris A3, Chevaline
Launch Pad 30A02/25/6004/24/6356Pershing I
Launch Pad 31A02/01/6103/14/704Minuteman I, Minuteman II
Launch Pad 3410/27/6110/11/687Saturn I Block I, Saturn IB
Launch Pad 36A05/08/6208/31/0469Atlas-Centaur 1962, Atlas-Centaur 1966, Atlas II-Centaur, Atlas IIA-Centaur, Atlas IIAS-Centaur
Launch Pad 36B08/11/6502/03/0576Atlas-Centaur 1962, Atlas-Centaur 1966, Atlas I-Centaur, Atlas II-Centaur, Atlas IIA-Centaur, Atlas IIAS-Centaur, Atlas IIIA-Centaur, Atlas IIIB-Centaur
Launch Pad 37B (Saturn)01/29/6401/22/688Saturn I Block II, Saturn IB
Launch Pad 37B (Delta IV)11/20/02Active33Delta IV
Launch Pad 39A11/09/67Active149Saturn V Apollo, Saturn V Skylab, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy
Launch Pad 39B05/18/69Active59Saturn V Apollo, Saturn IB, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Columbia, Endeavour, Ares I-X
Launch Pad 40 (Titan)06/18/6504/29/0555Titan III-C, Titan 34D, Commercial Titan III, Titan IVA, Titan IVB
Launch Pad 40 (Falcon 9)06/04/10Active102Falcon 9, Crew Dragon
Launch Pad 41 (Titan)12/21/6504/09/9927Titan III-C, Titan III-E Centaur, Titan IVA, Titan IVB
Launch Pad 41 (Atlas V)08/21/02Active80Atlas V
Launch Pad 43N/AN/AN/ASounding/Weather Rockets
Launch Pad 44N/AN/AN/ADragon
Launch Pad 45N/AN/AN/ARoland II
Launch Pad 46 (Trident)01/15/8701/26/8919Trident II
Launch Pad 46 (Athena)01/06/9801/26/992Athena II, Athena I
Launch Pad 46 (Multi-Use)08/26/17Active4Astra Rocket 3.3, Minotaur IV, Abort Test Booster
Launch Pad 47N/AN/A1**Sounding/Weather Rockets, Loft-1


Silo 31B12/18/6109/23/6935Minuteman I, Minuteman II, Minuteman III
Silo 32B08/30/6112/14/7053Minuteman I, Minuteman II, Minuteman III

Other Land Sites

Cape Canaveral Skid Strip08/19/5501/26/5915Navaho X-10
Patrick Air Force Base05/20/5605/20/561Matador


B-4705/26/5810/13/5912Bold Orion
B-5204/23/5902/09/93101Hound Dog, Skybolt, SRAM, Pegasus


PTM Patrol Boat02/18/8204/08/829Penguin
USS Observation Island08/27/5903/24/7028Polaris A1, Polaris A2, Polaris A3, Poseidon


HMS Renown07/24/6902/08/829Polaris A3, Chevaline
HMS Repulse03/27/6905/10/878Polaris A3, Chevaline
HMS Resolution02/15/6806/10/858Polaris A3, Chevaline
HMS Revenge06/01/7008/02/8613Polaris A3, Chevaline
HMS Vanguard05/26/94Active3Trident II
HMS Victorious07/24/95Active3Trident II
HMS Vigilant10/10/97Active3Trident II
HMS Vengeance09/21/00Active2Trident II
USS Abraham Lincoln05/03/6107/26/7420Polaris A1, Polaris A3
USS Alabama07/06/85Active1Trident I
USS Alaska02/21/86Active7Trident I, Trident II
USS Alexander Hamilton08/09/6309/29/8920Polaris A2, Poseidon
USS Andrew Jackson10/01/6305/25/8222Polaris A2, Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Benjamin Franklin12/06/6501/23/899Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS Casimir Pulaski10/31/6406/18/8514Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS Daniel Boone07/16/6403/24/9018Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS Daniel Webster05/25/6409/02/8510Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Ethan Allen10/16/6108/09/7427Polaris A1, Polaris A2, Polaris A3
USS Florida08/21/8310/02/969Trident I
USS Francis Scott Key04/03/6712/07/8530Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS George Bancroft04/07/6602/04/8920Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS George C. Marshall07/11/6610/16/8718Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS George W. Carver09/01/6608/10/8514Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS George Washington07/20/6009/20/7812Polaris A1, Polaris A3
USS Georgia04/07/8403/28/945Trident I
USS Henry Clay04/06/6406/29/8414Polaris A2, Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Henry L. Stimson11/14/6604/08/9223Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS Henry M. Jackson12/04/84Active11Trident I
USS James K. Polk06/10/6603/09/8919Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS James Madison09/28/6406/05/8212Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS James Monroe02/03/6409/12/8713Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS John Adams06/23/6406/04/8618Polaris A2, Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS John C. Calhoun02/15/6509/29/8725Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS John Marshall07/12/6209/18/7623Polaris A2, Polaris A3
USS Kamehameha02/24/6604/30/9014Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Kentucky08/30/91Active9Trident II
USS Lafayette06/13/6309/02/8323Polaris A2, Poseidon
USS Lewis And Clark02/17/6611/04/8618Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Louisiana12/18/97Active7Trident II
USS Maine12/07/95Active3Trident II
USS Mariano G. Vallejo03/05/6705/10/9130Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS Maryland07/29/92Active23Trident II
USS Michigan11/21/8210/29/952Trident I
USS Nathan Hale01/13/6403/06/8528Polaris A2, Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Nathanael Greene03/15/6508/22/819Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Nebraska08/20/93Active6Trident II
USS Nevada09/30/86Active6Trident I, Trident II
USS Ohio01/17/8212/18/0115Trident I
USS Patrick Henry09/13/6006/28/7816Polaris A1, Polaris A2, Polaris A3
USS Pennsylvania03/12/90Active14Trident II
USS Rhode Island12/01/94Active5Trident II
USS Robert E. Lee12/22/6011/20/7820Polaris A1, Polaris A2, Polaris A3
USS Sam Houston04/25/6204/26/7519Polaris A2, Polaris A3
USS Sam Rayburn01/23/6503/22/839Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Simon Bolivar01/17/6602/06/8820Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS Stonewall Jackson12/02/6402/27/8810Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS Tecumseh08/06/6404/01/8817Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Tennessee03/21/89Active34Trident II
USS Theodore Roosevelt03/23/6108/27/7410Polaris A1, Polaris A2, Polaris A3
USS Thomas A. Edison05/23/6204/12/7517Polaris A2, Polaris A3
USS Thomas Jefferson02/21/6303/29/7614Polaris A2, Polaris A3
USS Ulysses S. Grant09/05/6407/31/8711Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Von Steuben12/22/6409/17/8615Polaris A3, Poseidon, Trident I
USS West Virginia11/28/90Active23Trident II
USS Will Rogers07/31/6705/20/8614Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Woodrow Wilson03/02/6401/10/8318Polaris A2, Polaris A3, Poseidon
USS Wyoming05/30/97Active4Trident II


Unconfirmed Launch Site06/20/51Active406Matador, Snark, Bomarc A, RV-A-10, Bomarc B, Trident II


* This Number Includes Confirmed Launches Only. Many Launches From This Launch Pad Are Not Confirmed In Official Chronologies

** This Number Represents The Launch Of A Single Loft-1 Rocket On November 17, 1988. This Was A Sounding Rocket, Which Are Typically Not Included In Official Chronologies. However, This Was The First Commercial Launch From Cape Canaveral And Is Included
Here For Historic Purposes

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