By Cliff Lethbridge

Photo Credit: Martin Co.

Aerial View Of Titan ITL Area Circa 1965

Aerial View Of Launch Complex 41 (Titan) Circa 1995


Configuration: Remote Firing Room, One Launch Pad


Current Status: Renovated for Atlas V

First Launch (Titan): December 21, 1965

Final Launch (Titan): April 9, 1999

Number of Launches (Titan): 27

Vehicles Launched: Titan III-C, Titan III-E Centaur, Titan IVA, Titan IVB

Launch Pad 41 is the northern of two launch pads in the Integrate-Transfer-Launch Area (ITL Area) south of NASA Launch Complex 39. The ITL Area was built on the Banana River utilizing 6.5 million cubic yards of fill dredged from the river. Elements of the ITL Area common to both launch pads are the Vertical Integration Building (VIB) and the Solid Motor Assembly Building (SMAB). Also in common are the twin locomotives used to push the launch vehicles the length of the ITL Area to the launch pad. The SMAB and VIB are currently abandoned as they are not necessary for the preparation and launching of Atlas V rockets.

Destruction Of Vertical Integration Building Circa 2007

Destruction Of Launch Pad 41 Umbilical And Mobile Service Tower Circa 1999

Titan IVA On Launch Pad 41 Circa 1996

Aerial View Of Vertical Integration Building Circa 1990

Titan IIIC On ITL Causeway Circa 1969

Construction Of Launch Pad 41 Mobile Service Tower Circa 1965

VIB And SMAB Circa 1965

SMAB Under Construction Circa 1964

ITL Area Under Construction Circa 1964

ITL Area Under Construction Circa 1963

Dredging At ITL Area Circa 1962