By Cliff Lethbridge

Aerial View Of Launch Complex 47 Circa 2018

Configuration: Single Blockhouse, One Launch Pad


Current Status: Inactive

First Launch: Unconfirmed

Final Launch: Unconfirmed

Number of Launches: Unconfirmed

Vehicles Launched: Weather Rockets, Sounding Rockets, LOFT-1

Launch Complex 47 is the smallest launch complex on Cape Canaveral, and was used in support of sounding and weather rocket launches. The site featured a tiny blockhouse located just a few yards from the launch pad, which contains vehicle-specific hardware. Although tiny in comparison to other launch sites, Launch Complex 47 holds a great distinction as being the launch site of the first commercial launch from Cape Canaveral. A commercial Loft-1 rocket was launched from Launch Complex 47 on November 17, 1988. The tiny sounding rocket had succeeded in beating Delta, Atlas and Titan rockets in the launching of commercial payloads.

Launch Complex 47 Circa 1998

Launch Complex 47 Blockhouse Circa 1998

Rocket Launchers On Pad 47 Circa 1998

Super Loki Rocket On Launch Pad 47 Circa 1994