United States Manned Space Flight

United States Manned Space Flight Special Features

 Challenger Crew Members-S 51L 02

The Challenger Legacy

Provides a detailed analysis of what caused the Challenger tragedy and what improvements were made to the Space Shuttle program as a result.

Included is an exclusive eyewitness account of the tragedy written by Spaceline Founder and President Cliff Lethbridge, as well as a rarely seen list of Space Shuttle missions originally scheduled to follow mission STS-51L.

History of the Space Shuttle Program - Space Shuttle Space Over Earth STS-130 14

History Of The Space Shuttle Program And How The Space Shuttle Worked

This is a detailed narrative of how the Space Shuttle program was conceived and developed, including information on early concepts for the vehicle that were never incorporated, such as a piloted fly-back liquid fueled booster engine.

Mercury 7 Astronauts

U.S. Astronaut Selection Drafts And Qualifications

A complete list of U.S. astronaut drafts from the Mercury 7 through today, including astronaut qualifications for each draft.

Also included is an account of the “Mercury 13” testing of female astronaut candidates and rarely seen lists of Air Force astronaut drafts for the X-20 “Dyna-Soar” and Manned Orbiting Laboratory and names of the X-15 astronauts.