Gemini Program Index

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Manned Gemini Missions:


Gemini 3: Gus Grissom and John Young
First Manned Gemini Mission

Gemini 4: James McDivitt and Edward White
First U.S. Spacewalk

Gemini 5: Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad
First Official Mission Patch

Gemini 7: Frank Borman and James Lovell
First Spacecraft Rendezvous

Gemini 6A: Wally Schirra and Thomas Stafford
First Spacecraft Rendezvous


Gemini 8: Neil Armstrong and David Scott
First Spacecraft Docking

Gemini 9A:Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan
No Docking With Angry Alligator

Gemini 10: John Young and Michael Collins
Successful Docking Mission

Gemini 11: Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon
Successful Docking Mission

Gemini 12: James Lovell and Edwin Aldrin
Successful Docking Mission