STS-111 Fact Sheet

By Cliff Lethbridge

STS-111 – Endeavour

110th Space Shuttle Mission

18th Flight of Endeavour


Kenneth Cockrell, Commander

Paul Lockhart, Pilot

Franklin Chang-Diaz, Mission Specialist

Philippe Perrin, Mission Specialist

Valery Korzun, Embarking to International Space Station

Peggy Whitson, Embarking to International Space Station

Sergei Treschev, Embarking to International Space Station

Yuri Onufriyenko, Returning from International Space Station

Daniel Bursch, Returning from International Space Station

Carl Walz, Returning from International Space Station

Orbiter Preparations:

Tow to Orbiter Processing Facility – December 17, 2001

Rollover to Vehicle Assembly Building – April 22, 2002

Rollout to Launch Pad 39A – April 29, 2002


June 5, 2002 – 5:22:49 p.m. EDT. Launch was originally scheduled for May 30 but was scrubbed due to bad weather at the Kennedy Space Center. Launch was rescheduled for May 31. Technicians had detected pressure differentials in the gaseous nitrogen pressure on the left Orbital Maneuvering System pod aboard Endeavour during the launch countdown on May 30. Launch was rescheduled for no earlier than June 4. The work took longer than anticipated and launch was rescheduled for June 5. June 5 launch occurred on time with no delays.


June 19, 2002 – 1:58:45 p.m. EDT at Runway 22, Edwards Air Force Base, California. Rollout time was 1 minute, 4 seconds. Mission duration was 13 days, 20 hours, 35 minutes, 56 seconds. Landing occurred during the 217th orbit. Mission was extended two days due to bad weather at the Kennedy Space Center.

Mission Summary:

Endeavour brought three astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) and returned three astronauts from ISS to Earth. Endeavour also carried to Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) LOENARDO to ISS. LEONARDO carried over 8,000 pounds of supplies and equipment to ISS, and returned about 4,500 pounds of material back to Earth. There were three spacewalks during the mission.

The first spacewalk lasted 7 hours, 14 minutes. Astronauts Chang-Diaz and Perrin installed a Data Grapple Fixture to the ISS P6 Truss. The fixture facilitated the relocation of the P6 Truss to its final site on ISS. The astronauts also retrieved six micrometeoroid debris shields from Endeavour’s cargo bay, which would be installed on the Zvezda module. The two astronauts inspected and photographed a failed control moment gyroscope on the ISS Z1 Truss, and removed thermal blankets from the Mobile Remote Service Base System (MBS).

The second spacewalk lasted 5 hours. Astronauts Chang-Diaz and Perrin connected primary and backup video and data cables and primary power cables between the Mobile Transporter railcar and MBS. They deployed an auxiliary grapple fixture on MBS. They also secured four bolts to complete installation of the MBS platform and relocated a television camera atop MBS to provide views of ISS assembly and maintenance operations. The third spacewalk lasted 7 hours, 17 minutes. Astronauts Chang-Diaz and Perrin replaced the wrist-roll joint on Canadarm-2, restoring it to full use.