NASA Group 5

Pilot Astronauts

April, 1966

Brand, Vance D. (Civilian)

Bull, John S. (Navy)

Carr, Gerald P. (Marine Corps)

Duke, Charles M., Jr. (Air Force)

Engle, Joe H. (Air Force)

Evans, Ronald E. (Navy)

Givens, Edward G., Jr. (Air Force)

Haise, Fred W., Jr. (Civilian)

Irwin, James B. (Air Force)

Lind, Don L. (Civilian)

Lousma, Jack R. (Marine Corps)

Mattingly, Thomas K., II (Navy)

McCandless, Bruce, II (Navy)

Mitchell, Edgar D. (Navy)

Pogue, William R. (Air Force)

Roosa, Stuart A. (Air Force)

Swigert, John L., Jr. (Civilian)

Weitz, Paul J. (Navy)

Worden, Alfred M. (Air Force)

NASA Group 5 Background

By Cliff Lethbridge

As the Apollo program dawned, NASA again required more pilots to fill positions as astronauts. A fifth astronaut draft was issued, with candidate requirements identical to those for NASA Group 2 and NASA Group 3. A total of 19 candidates were selected during the fifth astronaut draft.