NASA Group 7

Manned Orbiting Laboratory Pilot Astronaut Transfers

August, 1969

Bobko, Karol J. (Air Force)

Crippen, Robert L. (Navy)

Fullerton, Charles G. (Air Force)

Hartsfield, Henry W., Jr. (Air Force)

Overmyer, Robert F. (Marine Corps)

Peterson, Donald H. (Air Force)

Truly, Richard H. (Navy)

NASA Group 7 Background

By Cliff Lethbridge

Although it had demonstrated its capabilities and potential quite well, the MOL program was abruptly canceled in 1969. The Pentagon felt the program would not perform relative to its high cost, and would pose a conflict to NASA scientific programs under development at the same time. These included Skylab and the Space Shuttle.

Seven of the MOL Pilot Astronauts were transferred to NASA, and would go on to become some of the most important players in the development and evolution of the Space Shuttle program.